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Sometimes the thing you are searching for you just can not find. With a partnership with Element Custom Builders, we make your dreams a reality. We love creating things from scratch, and sometimes you just need the right guidance. Having team that knows the ins and outs of building a custom home will make this entire process enjoyable.



With over 30 years of building experience, Element Custom Builders know a thing or two about building from the ground up! 

Joining forces and our love of all things real estate, we help create some of the most stunning properties. Building a home is more then just putting up walls. It takes knowledge of construction, bi-laws, trends and financial advice to make the right building choices. Identifying a contraction budget, managing a group of tradesmen, and maintaining a timeline are just some of the things that come with building a home.

Queensmont and Element Custom Builders will teach the home owner about the necessary steps bring a project into fruition. From permits to costs this is a team you will be happy to work with.


It always begins with a vision.

Colour me Green

Why not protect our the biggest home we have and all share? Our planet. Green Building has been growing in popularity, and thank goodness it has. We want to protect what we can while lowering our monthly costs. Want to learn more about how to make a green home? Interested in learning about what your city will allow and how you can incorporate some green elements?

Is it all about the cash flow

Are you building to increase cash flow? Purchasing a property as an investment or part of your future retirement plan? Great, we can talk about that!

Working with Element Custom Builders was the best choice we could have made. Making the entire process from permits to finishes a breeze. The teams knowledge on design, colour combinations and what works with our lifestyle made the final results of our home perfect! Thank  you for all your hard work.

Joseph & Nadine

Our renovation was so quick it was as though we blinked and the job was done. And we couldn’t have asked for anyone better to remodel our kitchen and living room.  We lead busy lifestyles and have a busy household, so fast and amazing is what we were looking for!

Mike & Tina

Your Home with our Help! Check out their work and see the pride in their designs. This family owned company builds from the heart. They take each project as their own and make sure that your vision becomes a reality.