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Selling your home can be both exciting and stressful. Whatever way you respond to the busy real estate market, we will be with you every step of the way. The biggest question every Seller has is “how much will I get?”. As much as the market determines the price of the home, there are steps that both the Sellers and their Realtors can take to that right number!

By working with a Relator that has the same goals as you and listens to what your goals are, the team can come up with a perfect strategy. Many Sellers are attached to their homes and everything in them. It is important to understand how to create a canvas for the new Owner to feel like it is their future home. Selling a home requires more then just placing a listing on the MLS, it requires a team that understands the market and its trends, how to expose the home to the right Buyers and how to present the home to emphasize its features. Here are some tips to preparing your home for the market.


The Buying process can be stressful, period. Like we have all learned through out our lives, being prepared and having the knowledge before the process begins will make the end result easier to achieve.

Having the right person on your side will make the shopping experience easier. Understanding our clients needs, goals and wants is an important aspect to our search. Sending you options that are not in line with your goals will just be a set up for disappointment, this is why e take pride and joy into each client and devoting our time to those we work with. Not overwhelming our time with too many things on the go, allow us to put the focus where it is most needed, for you!

Here is a list of steps you as the Buyer can take.


  • Step 1: Declutter

    Many home owners collect cherished items throughout the years. They display them with pride and are ready to tell you a story about that exact moment. In reality, the Seller will most likely not be home to explain each lovely piece. Decluttering allows for potential Buyers to visualize their own cherished memorabilia in the space.

  • Step 2: Minor Fixes

    To prepare the home for the market, some homes may require to have some small fixes around the house. Many little Miss Sunshine decided to colour the bathroom wall. Adding a fresh neutral coat of paint will allow Buyers to focus on the room instead of the mini Monet mural.

  • Step 3: Renovations

    Many Sellers might get a little worried about this tip. “If they want my house they will fix it themselves” mentality may cause potential Buyers to offer much less in an offer. Not all homes require renovations, but it is always a good idea to look at if you put a little money into your home will the return on your investment be much greater. With a team of builders and contractors, we will be sure to provide you with the nest knowledge and opinion if you do chose to increase your return. Your Realtor will do a comparable check in your neighbourhood to see if this is the right choice for you. And remember Sellers, kitchens and bathrooms are the two most expensive and first to be judged rooms by Buyers.

  • Step 4: Staging

    Another option that Sellers should consider is staging their homes. It has been proved that a well staged home will provide a greater sale amount. The main idea for staging is to create a neutral setting to allow all styles of Buyers to easily focus on the space rather than the furniture that will not be there once they move in. Our team is ready to help you decide if staging is for you!

  • Step 5: Price

    Its all about the $. This may not necessarily be the last step you take before putting your home on the market. Once you meet with your Relator one of the first things Sellers want to know is how much will they get. And with a Relator that is in tune with the real estate market they will provide you with a price they feel fits the trends. If any repairs or upgrades were done from the initial meeting, then your Relator will sit with you and discuss what will be the new price. In the end remember Mr. and Ms. Seller, it is up to you what you would like to ask, we are simply here to guide you.

  • STEP 1: Build a Budget

    Yes getting a mortgage is part of the process, but there are several other costs associated with buying a property. Everyone knows you will need to have a down payment in place. Additional costs may come up, being prepared for these will only help ease the process. Building a financial budget, focusing also on other expenses you carry will help put the buying process into perspective. This number may change once you speak to a financial advisor.

  • STEP 2: Get pre approved

    Get the right guidance before you start the search. Speak with a financial advisor, to see what you qualify for. In today’s hectic market, you need to be sure to have all your ducks in a row. Having a clear vision of your budget and staying with in it will ensure you do not cross over to a mortgage you will have difficulty holding. Knowing what you qualify for will also make the final “sign on the dotted line” process much less stressful. Pre approvals, help you and your Realtor focus on the properties that are within your reach.

  • STEP 3: Find your Realtor

    You and your Realtor will spend a lot of time together. With no shortage of Realtors in the GTA, be sure that your cousins, boyfriends, sister knows the market you wish to buy in. With our fast growing numbers, your Realtor should be passionate about the world of Real Estate. If you are searching for an investment then your Realtor should be aware of transitioning and great investment areas. We love what we do, we love all things Real Estate. From your first home, investment properties to a custom built home for your growing family, we will focus on you and your goals. Having the right tools to help you with your search. Give us a call to find out if we get along.

  • STEP 4:¬†House Hunting

    It is finally time to start the search. You have your budget ready, your mortgage is pre approved. You and your Relator are ready to hit the streets. The wonderful world of the world wide web is filled with tons of sites that will help you find your home. But Buyers Beware, have your Realtor take a look at what you may find before calling yourself. You hired them for a reason, let them do the ground work. After careful consideration, wish lists and check lists, your trusted Realtor has a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. Be patient, and enjoy the hunt. With tons of listing going up onto MLS, we will be sure to keep you updated instantly or daily, what ever you prefer. MLS has created a new search method called Collab, and for those tech savvy individuals this tool is an amazing way to stay in touch with your Realtor.

  • STEP 5:¬†Get a Lawyer

    Another person to add to the team. you may not need to get them involved just yet, but having a lawyer to ask a question during the process will help make it less stressful. From the purchasers side of the table, these costs are slightly higher. This will be something to set aside in you budget as well. So knowing who you will be working with will make the final stages of the buying process easier.

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